What do we do?

ARTUDOR helps their clients to open new markets with innovative products and services. We work with companies who focus on the future and are willing to meet challenges related to tackling environmental contamination, global water scarcity, excessive waste problems, renewable energy demand, and with companies providing the latest technological solutions in connectivity and mobility.

Our operating environment is often challenging, such as dry countryside, congested city traffic, or wilderness and crisis areas.

We work in emerging urban projects that offer solutions for overcrowded cities. We strive to evaluate the problems with a “helicopter view” and ascertain the growth prospects – not overestimating but not turning the blind eye either when looking for a business concept and new methods to support growth.

We bring people together by providing B2B meetings for solution providers with potential clients or even in larger events for mass B2B meetings.

We are constantly looking for greenfield and brownfield investment targets in all parts of the world and assist our international clients to develop their businesses in the Nordic and  Baltic countries.

Market Entry Services

We help you to go global and make your way through the top.

Turnround & Change Management

With our expertise and deep look we are ready to take necessary measures in times of critical need.

Interim Management Services

We offer speed, experience, success and whatever it takes to tackle your change or transition.

Technology Transfer

We work closely with companies to discover how to bridge the disparate worlds and apply financially sound concepts or processes to new situations or circumstances.

Market Research

Creating new opportunities and opening new doors for your company.

Connecting people and companies everywhere