Team & Partners

Within Artudor and in the various locations, our services are granted to our Clients with the native languages (Finnish, Estonian, English, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish and others by a Team of over  20 associates and  employees, with the following professional background:


Located in 4 different jurisdictions with various complementary educational backgrounds (masters & bachelors in political, business administration & economic science, technological disciplines,   law; members of various professional associations / institutes), a long experience – among others ‐ within major international banks; advisory firms; international tax & business law firms; international chartered accountant firms as founders, associated partners and /or members of senior management.

Senior & Junior Advisors

Located in various jurisdictions with diversified academic background (bachelors in business administration, law, diplomatic science & international relations, members of various professional associations / institutes such as Chartered Certified Accountants, Auditors, international paralegal associations).

Administrative Employees

Located in 7 different jurisdictions

Our Team

Turgay Kuleli | Co-founder

Turgay Kuleli | Co-founder

Experienced in international business development, wealth and tax planning (“IWTP”), capital markets, fund and portfolio management, global corporate, tax, legal services industries. Advised HNW and UHNW individuals, families, entrepreneurs, corporations, global firms, international private banks, family offices, wealth managers. Former Vice Chairman of Turkey-Estonia, Turkey-Latvia, Turkey-Lithuania business councils in Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey. Author in international journals including but not limited to Trusts and Trustees (an Oxford University publication), Swiss Private Magazine etc. Capable to orchestrate every necessary corporate, tax, legal services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Some other jurisdictions are possible depending need of the client.

Ari Virtanen | Co-founder

Ari Virtanen | Co-founder

Ari Virtanen ( FIN) has over 35 years of international experience in leadership positions. He has lived over 15 years on four continents, in six countries. A board professional in listed and private companies. Certified Turnaround Management Consultant and an IEEE associate in Finland.